Stories from Our Community

“Care Design has proven consistently that at the core and heartbeat of the organization is the individual and the care. Robert has been given something unique and quite special - he is truly seen with compassionate eyes of opportunity, value and innovation to create a strategic roadmap for his life.”

Geri Turner Bright, in reference to her son Robert

“Care management has provided much appreciated help with my daughter’s transportation to and from work.”

On the days they help it has cut my driving time from an hour and 40 minutes a day to 50 minutes. They are also providing healthy and productive guidance and activities for my daughter during this stressful time.

Roselyn Hathaway

“Any proposed budget cuts are in the context of a system that is already overloaded and under pressure to deliver adequate care. We need the State to protect my brother and these services.”

Karen, in reference to her brother Steven

”The disabled community were held in the dark for so long. By pulling funding that has improved their quality of life and independence, we will be set back. These services are necessary to ensure that the individual’s life is enriched to the fullest extent possible.”

Christina Silva-Soto

“My CCO and care manager are my lifelines when I need them. They are vital to my independence.”


“Our care manager at Life Plan NY is a critical part of our care management team. Self-Direction, and the other key Medicaid waiver services Brendan receives, allow him to live independently, work at WIHD/pay taxes and help others in his local community through programs like Inter Generate and the Pleasantville Community Garden which grow fresh produce for food insecure families. If funding for CCO’s or these critical Medicaid waiver services for individuals with disabilities were cut in the 2020 NYS budget, Brendan would become socially isolated, less economically productive and be unable to contribute in meaningful ways in his local community.”

Brendan Klein

"No man is an island, no man stands alone. We each need someone to lean on. My ACA coordinator always has my son’s best interest at heart. She is a blessing to us both."

Linda Assaf and her son

Our son Craig, now 32, who has Down syndrome, has been able to continue his inclusion in the community and increase his independence thanks to Danielle Smith, his care coordinator. By building his plan based on his strengths and growth areas, she has helped us to navigate the system and allow him to identify options best suited to his needs and ultimately his dreams."

Max, his wife Joyce, son Craig and Care Manager Danielle