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“The disabled community were held in the dark for so long. By pulling funding that has improved their quality of life and independence, we will be set back. These services are necessary to ensure that the individual’s life is enriched to the fullest extent possible.”

Christina Silva-Soto
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Call Governor Cuomo: Protect Care Coordination Organizations Now

Over 100,000 New Yorkers with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) rely on Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) every day for connections to critical, comprehensive services that support their health and wellbeing. In 2018, the federal government and New York State created and continue to make important investments in this critical care management system today. At a time when the COVID-19 crisis is significantly impacting the people of New York, CCOs are supporting thousands of local providers as they provide direct care to ensure that individuals with I/DD and their families receive the care and services they urgently need. These services make it possible for our members to live full lives and to plan for meaningful futures.

But now more than 100,000 people who are dependent on Care Coordination Organizations are at risk -- this vital safety net cannot be weakened by significant cuts during this critical time. We must raise our voices together. Now more than ever, we need these crucial CCO services to maintain the health and quality of life that all New Yorkers with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities deserve.

Our Mission

Care Coordination Organizations support individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities through all stages of life to address all social determinants of health, including health care, employment, housing, community relationships and resources for economic stability. This includes over 70,000 individuals who live at home and depend on coordinated services, and over 36,000 individuals require 24/7 care and oversight. Our mission is to ensure that all New Yorkers with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities can continue to access services for fulfilling, meaningful, inclusive lives in our communities, especially in the face of this pandemic.

What's At Stake

Our Health

The COVID-19 crisis has a devastating impact on individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our care managers continue to support our members and their families as they identify those individuals who are most at risk and those who need constant monitoring and support.

Our Communities

At a time when our definitions of community and togetherness are changing rapidly, care managers are working tirelessly to ensure that New Yorkers with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families are connected to the relief, resources, and assistance needed every day to continue living full lives. We are working with our members, their families, service providers and fiscal intermediaries on what changes need to be made to services and their delivery as we work through this life-changing health crisis.

Our Services

Our organizations rely on our current funding to coordinate care and ensure the safety and welfare of the people we support. Excessive funding cuts to our organizations would decimate these services and leave families struggling to access care for their loved ones.

Who We Are